Partner Benefits

Managed Print Vendor Finance

Classic Funding Group offers a range of alternatives to help you grow your business. Our Managed Access Print Solution (MAPS) can assist you in increasing sales. We provide simple solutions to a complex problem whilst ensuring flexibility for your customers and building loyalty.

Why provide finance?

Offering financing options to your customers is more than just providing an alternative payment plan. Managed Print financing can be a valuable sales and marketing tool.

  • Extensive Industry Knowledge
    Our Managed Access Print Solution (MAPS) has been developed with your business in mind. The team at Classic Funding Group has over 100 years combined experienced in the industry. We have utilised this experience and consulted with industry leaders to build a product from the ground up. The product incorporates all the features you would expect from a finance solution, along with new options designed specifically for the print industry. We understand what you need from a managed print solution.
  • Simplify Your Sale
    Managing a portfolio of printers can be complex and difficult for your sales people, your customers and your business. We offer colour, black & white and linear combinations on either a term or volume basis, allowing you to cover a variety of printing alternatives with one solution. We have multiple MAPS solutions to assist you in providing a dymanic product to your clients and removing price as a barrier in your sales process.
  • Retain Control and Build Customer Loyalty
    By delivering your customers everything from equipment to support to financing, you control the entire sales cycle, beginning to end. When a customer has to arrange their own finance, your sale is in the hands of a third party over which you have no influence or control. As one of Australia’s leading non-bank finance companies, we can make fast decisions and give you quick responses on finance approval.
  • Enhance your Brand
    Take one more step towards offering your customers a complete and seamless solution by making finance part of your overall offering. Classic Funding Group can work with you to create a finance agreement branded to your business. With both a quick calculation tool and point of sale documentation, Classic Funding Group makes it easy to integrate finance into your current sales process and provides you with a competitive advantage in the market.
  • Unmatched Service and Support
    Classic Funding Group provides you with all the service and support you’ll need including quoting and documentation management, phone-based support, one-on-one training and dedicated Account Management.

To become an Approved Partner for Managed Access Print Solutions please contact us or call us today on 1300 780 895.