Earn $1000 for every $500K of Debtor Finance settled


Accredited introducers can earn Cumulative Uncapped Unlimited rewards for introducing Debtor Finance transactions.

With our Classic Star Rewards Program, you can receive a $1000 VISA card for every $500K of Debtor Finance settled, so you can reward yourself any way you like.


It's Cumulative.

Whether you settle a single $500K transaction or multiple transactions that add up to $500 you receive a $1K VISA card.

Settle a $750K transaction and receive $1K VISA card immediately, and have the remaining $250K go towards your next reward.


It's Uncapped.

The more you settle, the more you earn! The amount you earn is not capped.


It's Unlimited.

Spend your VISA anyway you like. Choose how you want to reward yourself. 


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