Star Rewards

Earn $$ rewards for the Broker Program that gives you CHOICE 

Accredited introducers can earn cumulative, uncapped and unlimited rewards for  successful Debtor Finance, Trade Finance and Integrated Finance transactions.

DEBTOR FINANCE           $1000 for every $500k of eligible debtors in the Take-on Ledger
TRADE FINANCE              $200 for every $100k drawn down on Trade Finance Facilities
INTEGRATED FINANCE   $100 for Equipment Finance settled with Debtor Finance


With Star Rewards you will receive a VISA card so you can reward yourself any way you like. The choice is endless and is yours 

It's cumulative

Whether you settle a single transaction or multiple transactions, one Finance solution or several.

It's uncapped

The more you settle, the more you earn. 

It's unlimited

Spend your VISA anyway you like. Choose how you want to reward yourself.