Secret Weapons Of Solar Superheroes

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Since launching the Clean Energy Residential “Loan & Own” Agreement, Classic Clean Energy Finance has seen a significant shift in the residential solar market, and the emergence of solar superheroes.

Solar Superhero

The last five or so years has seen a plethora of new solar companies entering the market in the booming era of rebates-spurred solar frenzy purchases. This was followed by a consolidation of those companies as the rebates were withdrawn and a barrage of cheaper, low quality PV panels drove margins down to unviable levels.

In what some knowledgeable commentators are calling a saturated market, there are solar players that are successfully navigating the ever changing residential solar landscape. These solar superheroes are defying the odds by embracing the “evolve and change” ethos, without compromising on quality and service.

Shifting from selling solely on price and rebates, the successful solar players have differentiated themselves by adopting a ‘solution selling’ approach by allowing customers to utilise finance to support and package the value proposition.

Many of these solar superheroes have partnered with Classic Clean Energy Finance to provide customers with a complete solar solution. Classic and its solar superhero partners evolve and change with the market. “Through transparent communication and collaboration with our solar partners, our offering is continuously reviewed to ensure it addresses the needs of the market” says Jay Howard, National Sales Manager of Classic Clean Energy Finance.

“An example of this evolution is Classic’s reduction of the residential solar “Loan & Own” Agreement interest rate for a 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 year finance term. We have also rolled out a Hotline operated from 8:30am to 9pm by our friendly finance experts to support customers when they need it most, when they are with their trusted solar sales consultant.”

“Having partnered with numerous solar manufacturers, installers and sales consultants, we have developed a dynamic suite of tools that upskill the team and guide the solution sell conversation. Classic makes it easy for solar sales reps to start the conversation and seamlessly refer customers directly to one of Classic’s finance experts – we become an extension of the solar superheroes sales team”.

With the hum of energy storage commentary getting progressively louder, solution selling and upskilling the sales team is pivotal to retaining market share in the next significant shift in the residential solar market.

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