Pokemon Go Lessons for SMEs


Whether you are taking part in the shenanigans of Pokemon Go or shaking your head in dismay, if you are a small business owner, there are some key lessons you can take from the affair.

Lessons from Pokemon Go phenomenon for SMEs

1. We’re early adopters and love innovation

Australia was one of the first countries to have access to Pokemon Go, with the release of the app taking the country by storm on 6th July. In fact, the overwhelming take up of the game in Australia overloaded the servers, delaying the release of the game in Europe.

The Lesson: Australian’s are receptive to new things, so be bold and try new initiatives with your business. Inc.com have even provided a handy guide on how to use Pokemon Go to spruik your own business.

2. It takes 20 years to make an overnight success

Whilst it may seem like an overnight sensation, the success of Pokemon Go is the result of many years of research, development, investment, partnership and planning.

The Lesson: Have a big vision for your small business and partner with the right finance partner to support your growth and development.

3. Regular exercise is essential for wellbeing

An unexpected outcome of the Pokemon Go phenomenon is the possible positive effect on mental health of the players from increased physical activity and social interaction with other gamers. Small business owners, who are often affected by mental health problems but rarely seek help, can take a lot from this revelation ahead of Lifeline’s Stress Down Day on July 22nd.

The Lesson: Take time out to relax, exercise and socialise to improve your mental wellbeing.

Maybe even download the Pokemon Go app!