Is 2019 the year of the renewables?

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With the latest climate change report released, it's clear that drastic changes need to be made. Does this mean 2019 is the year renewables become a necessity?

2019 Clean Energy

The UN has released a worrying climate change report indicating that major sustainability changes need to be made before the environment suffers irreversible damage. Does this mean that 2019 is going to be the year that renewables move from being a choice to a necessity? 

Why attempting to limit warming to 1.5 Celsius is so important 

Keeping global warming between 1.5-2 C is on the ambitious end of the Paris climate agreement, but new research is showing how even that 0.5 C difference in temperature can have dramatic effects on the environment and its wildlife. This, in turn, has a large impact on us.

For Australians, this small difference is even more vital for us to achieve. Without meeting the tougher target of 1.5 C, virtually all coral reefs will be lost. One of Australia's most beautiful and priceless ecosystems, the Great Barrier Reef, will die off. But by limiting temperature change to 1.5 C, some of it will survive, helping to support important marine life and preserve an incredible seascape.

 Achieving this limit will also provide aid in a myriad of other essential ways. The half a degree will reduce the proportion of the global population facing water stress by 50 per cent, and insects will retain two times more of their natural habitat, which is important for crop pollination. Such a small difference in temperature has resounding effects.  

Why 2019 is the year to make the change to renewables

With scientists reporting that drastic changes need to be made in the next 12 years, there's no time to waste. The report shows that carbon pollution needs to be cut by 45 per cent before 2030, which is a tough aim in comparison to the 20 per cent needed for 2 C. Urgency is essential. 

Additionally, despite the world's current dependence on it, the report called for the phasing out of all coal power by 2050, making renewable energy a necessity going forward. 

It's likely that many governments will continue improving their efforts to reduce carbon emissions and move to renewable energy. 

However, while government engagement is vital for meeting this new target, the impact of individuals and businesses making changes and seeking to do their part cannot be underestimated. 

Doing so doesn't have to come at a cost to your business either. Social enterprises are on the rise, according to Deloitte's 2018 Global Human Capital Trends report, and by showing that your business cares about global issues and is dedicated to making positive changes, you can increase your consumer appeal. 

Moving to renewables and improving sustainability practices is now a necessity.


What you and your business can do

1. Collective action 

In Australia, almost half of big businesses are actively moving into renewable energy, according to the Climate Council. This change is one of many showing how individuals and companies can take the lead in helping to reach global climate change actions. By working with other people and organisations that are doing their part, you can become part of a collective action that helps make a difference.

2. Renewable energy

Making the move to renewable energy is a great way to do your part for the environment, as well as providing cost savings on electricity bills for your company in the long run. Additionally, business owners state that they generally make their original investment back within five years, according to the Climate Council.  

3. Insulation

Insulation is a big part of creating net-zero carbon buildings, which helps with carbon emission targets. If you're doing office renovations or working on your own home, investing in highly insulated windows and doors, as well as environmentally-friendly appliances and materials, makes a big difference. It also helps you save on electricity bills.

4. Transport 

Encouraging employees to take alternative modes of transport to work rather than their own personal vehicles is another option for you and your business to make a change. By having bike stands available, or creating a carpool system within the workplace, you're promoting the move towards renewable lifestyle options.

If you are looking to make your business more environmentally-friendly and transition into renewables for 2019, but need support in doing so, Classic Funding Group can help. With a comprehensive clean energy finance solution available, we can provide funding for your climate-conscious move.

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