Funding Australia’s appetite for acquisitions


Australian businesses have built a real appetite for mergers and acquisitions, though it can be a challenging process. Integrated finance can provide the solution for most scenarios.

Funding Acquisitions

Acquiring or merging with another business is a real opportunity and remains one of the quickest ways for an organisation to grow. However, it can also become complicated and place pressure on cash flow.

Regardless, Australian businesses have built a real appetite for mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Deloitte's 2015 M&A Trends Report revealed an extraordinary 85 per cent anticipated acceleration in M&A activity. Ernst & Young also report that more than half of all Australian businesses intend to acquire another business in the next 12 months - the highest proportion in six years.

Arranging finance for an M&A through traditional banking funding lines may not be an option for every business. Fortunately, there are healthier, quicker and more sustainable ways to access funds.

What is integrated finance?

At Classic Funding Group, we find that sustainability is the key to M&A. Classic’s integrated finance is used to raise funds against the assets of the business to improve cash flow for long term success.

Classic’s Integrated Finance combines the long term cash flow benefits of a Debtor Finance facility with immediate capital raising through Equipment Finance by utilising the equity in plant and equipment. It is a unique, innovative solution that companies considering an M&A cannot afford to overlook.

Our friendly team of finance specialists have been providing business solutions to Australian companies in excess of 25 years. We work with you to tailor a cash flow solution to suit your needs.

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