Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results ~ Albert Einstein

Here are 3 fresh finance options to get different results.

Fresh options

Grow With Me - Invoice Finance

More flexible than a bank overdraft and less onerous than other debtor finance offerings in the market, our Confidential Debtor Finance offer the following working capital benefits:

Funding grows in line with sales available funds increase as you invoice Confidential facilities no disclosure to debtors, business maintains control over relationships No real estate security required real estate assets are not at risk, minimise personal risk No month-end reconciliations saves time & money Ease of administration less onerous verification and POD requirements, saves time & money Unlimited free uploads no restriction on number of uploads, flexible solution Unlimited drawdowns free overnight drawdowns, same day transfers only $25 True 90 day month end funding period no early disapprovals Daily release of retentions customer payments are made available upon receipt Competitive pricing no hidden fees or charges Funding flexibility can be integrated with Classic’s Equipment Finance product

Some of these benefits are technical, so if you need a translation give us a call on 1300 780 895 or speak with your finance broker or accountant.

Mix&Match - Integrated Finance

Whether capital raising for an acquisition, expansion or tax debt repayment, sometimes it is not possible to meet requirements with a single 'off-the-shelf" finance product. Classic's unique Integrated Finance product combines the benefits of both the Confidential Debtor Finance solution and Equipment Finance, often using a 'Sale-back' arrangement of existing unencumbered assets to support a business' funding requirements.

Specialising in the "non-vanilla' transactions, our team will work with yours to propose a finance solution that helps you achieve your goal, without putting up your real estate assets as security.

Clean&Green - Clean Energy Finance

Whilst there are many ways to reduce costs, not all also have the added benefit of supporting your commitment to a sustainable future. Upgrading your facilities with LED lighting, upgrading cooling and/or heating systems or installing solar panels all have the potential to save your business money, whilst leaving you feeling warm and fuzzy about helping the environment.

Best of all, you can finance any of these clean energy assets over 7 years without having to provide financials for transactions under $50K*, and you don't need to own the premise - you just need your landlord's permission.

We can also put you in touch with our accredited vendor partners, if you do not yet have a supplier lined up.

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