Did Santa deliver the equipment on your Christmas wish list?

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Christmas may be over, but did you get everything on your equipment wish list this year? If not, equipment finance could provide you with the capital required to invest in your business for 2018. Let's look at some recent innovations that could help you boost performance.  

Equipment wish list

Christmas is all about friends, family and plenty of festive cheer. Although, if we're honest, gifts are also pretty great.

But did you receive the equipment  you need to optimise your business in 2018? That probably depends on whether you were on Santa's naughty or nice list this year.

Let's review some of the latest tech innovations. Were you lucky enough to get your hands on them?

1. Shelfie

Australian developers unveiled a revolutionary in-store robot for supermarkets earlier this year named Shelfie.

Combining intelligent image capturing and cloud-based data analytics solutions, Shelfie automatically travels through stores scanning shelves and providing precision stock management.

The unit, which comes as a drone, robot or hand-held device, can complete a complete inventory check within three hours and save supermarkets $300,000 per store a year.

If successful, Shelfie is expected to expand into other retail sectors and industries, including hospitality.

2. Ford Ranger FX4

Australians love Ford. The Ford Ranger is among the most popular light commercial vehicles in the country, often featuring in the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries' top five sellers.

In fact, the model ranked first in September, with 4,318 sales, and while the Toyota Hilux pipped Ford Ranger to the post in November, the vehicle still sold more than 3,500 units.

Ford fans will no doubt be delighted that the manufacturer unveiled a limited edition 2017 Ford Ranger FX4 earlier this year, which gave the vehicle a 'black pack' makeover.

The FX4 is largely based on the XLT, but with numerous aesthetic tweaks. So be thankful if someone managed to squeeze this beaut of a ute under the Christmas tree this year.

3. Cat S60 thermal imaging smartphone

These devices have been on the market since June 2016, so you might want to take the hint and buy your own if the Cat S60 hasn't made it into your Christmas stocking by now.

The phone has an embedded FLIR thermal imaging camera, which can measure temperatures between -20 degrees Celsius and up to 120 degrees Celsius - from up to 30 metres away.

Tradies can use thermal imaging to locate leaks, identify electrical hotspots and diagnose problems with HVAC systems, among other tasks. The phones are also waterproof up to five metres for 60 minutes. What more could you want?

We hope Santa delivered your Christmas wish list this year. But if not, don't despair; why not talk to Classic Funding Group to learn more about our equipment finance solutions?