Debtor Finance Opportunities in 2016


Recent consolidation and exiting of Independent Debtor Finance providers has both significantly reduced options for businesses and created new opportunities for brokers in 2016.

Debtor Finance A Big Opportunity in 2016

Now is a great time for brokers to ask their clients if they are still happy with the service and flexibility of their existing Debtor Finance provider, or whether they require a breath of fresh air that Classic Funding Group can offer.

Asking the question may prove to be a healthy exercise for all involved.

Classic Funding Group offer a compelling Debtor Finance alternative with:

  • Confidential only facilities
  • No month-end reconciliations (save your client time)
  • Unlimited uploads/drawdowns
  • True 90 day month end funding period (no early disapprovals)
  • Daily funding
  • Competitive pricing
  • Funding flexibility integrating Classic's Equipment Finance product

Clients may not be aware of their options in the market, and brokers that are proactive in suggesting genuine alternatives have a fantastic opportunity to stand out and build their business.

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