Could this be the secret weapon to your cash flow problems?

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Are you worried about your business having trouble with cash flow? If so, you may want to consider how selling on finance can help.


Cashflow Secret Weapon

If you're in the business of selling equipment to other businesses, it can be a stressful, competitive space. It's difficult, because your results are largely contingent on someone else - you can only make money if your clients have the capital available to spend. If they go through a dry spell, you almost certainly will too, and there isn't much you can do about it.This presents difficulties not only with making sales from month to month, but also with collecting payments on those sales. Cash flow is a common problem for businesses in Australia, in fact, Business Victoria noted that 80 per cent of Aussie businesses that fail do so because of problems with cash flow. And if you're an equipment reseller, you're absolutely not immune to that. It's interesting to note, however, that besides ‘Debtor Finance’, ‘Vendor Finance’ is a viable way to combat those cash flow issues.

How vendor finance can brighten your outlook

Vendor finance can be used to improve your cash flow and mitigate some financial risk. If you partner with a financier (like Classic Funding Group) and sell equipment to customers on finance, you can get paid straight away, rather than having to extend uncertain payment terms to customers.

Once you remove the "sticker shock" your customers feel about your upfront prices with a monthly repayment amount, the entire sales process tends to go more smoothly. As a result, you'll probably be able to increase the average size of the deals you make.This also means that if your clients do not have the capital to invest in your equipment, you have offered them another way to access the equipment they need, and support your sales pipeline and that precious cash flow.

Get on the fast track to a growing business

If you're eager to see your business expand, vendor finance is a great secret weapon to help make that happen. If you partner with us at Classic Funding Group, you can begin selling your equipment on finance and immediately bring in steady cash.Our process is simple for both you and your customers (No financials required up to $100,000), and we provide all the training and tools you need to get started. We have over 25 years of experience running successful financing programs, and we can arm you with the ‘Vendor Finance’ cash flow secret weapon next.