Clean energy update August

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Well what can we say…..A LOT (!!) happened in July in the clean energy space.

Clean Energy Update August


What a difference a month can make!

Dropping from $38 to $32 then down to $26 the live price was back up to $30.50 earlier this week (as per a couple of these traders: AchieversEnergy, FormBay)

The STC market I am sure is going to continue to be a very interesting space to watch!

Prices & Feed-In-Tariffs
Energy prices rose almost across the board from July 1st (except for NT &WA)

NSW ACT QLD VIC SA TAS NT WA Price change +18% +19% +7-8% +15% +15-20% +3-5% No change No change Min. Feed-In-Tariff 11.9 – 15c* 9-15c* 10-16c* 11.3c 15-16c* 8-9c No change No change Govt. Info Info info info info info info info Info

*not mandated, just a guideline. Retailers determine the amount and structure offered to customers.

As electricity prices only seem to be going one way, the benefits of going solar are becoming ever more evident to home owners (and businesses!)


Batteries are the next big thing!

Everyone’s talking about them and the number of installations are also increasing! The economics are at the tipping point to start tempting more households and in the next 6 – 12 month, we believe we will see this market start to heat up.

At Classic, we’ve already started funding battery systems and have updated the SolarInsights Online tool to incorporate the battery proposition. Get in touch to get a demonstration of this online tool, that is free for our accredited partners!

In the news

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