All I want for Christmas is technology

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The right technology in your office can improve growth and efficiency. What innovative equipment do you have your eyes on for this coming Christmas?

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Last year we discussed the equipment you wished your business got for Christmas but missed out on. This year, we're getting in early…

With Christmas fast approaching, what technology items are you hoping to find in your stockings?

The Touchjet Pond

This nifty little gadget is sure to soon take over Australia. A portable Android projector, it can turn any flat surface into an 80-inch touchscreen to work on. Using the Touchjet mobile app and built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can quickly and easily share a project or presentation and watch it appear, ready for interaction.

Along with the mini projector comes the Lily Digital Pen, which works as a stylus for the projected screen. Touch it to the surface, and the tiny infrared emitter built into the pen sends its coordinates to the projector, allowing you to interact with the screen. You're able to use up to four pens at once as well, allowing groups to work together.

This portable touchscreen weighs a micro 268g, according to Touchjet, making it easy to slip into any bag and carry it with you. No matter where you go, or who you're engaging with, you're prepared for an impromptu meeting that fosters interaction and idea sharing. With audio included, you're able to add videos or music in your presentation as well.

Within work, it can create more collaborative and active meetings, where employees are encouraged to engage, ask questions, and add their own thoughts when discussing projects.

The possibilities this clever piece of tech can bring to your office makes it well worth being on the Christmas wish list!


3D printer


While this is something that's been around for a while, with the technology behind them getting better and prices dropping, 3D printers are now definitely a justifiable piece of office technology. Especially if gifted as a Christmas present!

Whether you're a small or large business, you'll find there are practical benefits to having a 3D printer within your office. From better being able to play around with customisations and designs, to making small orders more affordable to fulfil, a 3D printer can help improve production and support growth and innovation within your business.

3D printing is also a greener option when it comes to creating plastic products in comparison to mass-producing them in factories, according to a study completed at Michigan Technological University.

So if you're a business with big ideas but no way to efficiently test and prototype them, a 3D printer may answer more wishes than just Christmas ones.

The Dell PowerEdge T30

While cloud storage is becoming more popular, it can’t yet fully replace your own on-site server for your company. The full control that a server gives you is especially useful considering recent law changes around data, like the international reach of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

For cost, size, power consumption and overall great value, you couldn’t ask for anything better for Christmas than the Dell PowerEdge T30. Compact and quiet, you’ll barely notice it within your office. The clean and straightforward web interface will make monitoring critical components a breeze, and remote management allows it to be used in different branch offices of your business.


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