4 Unorthodox Marketing Ideas for 2017

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It’s too easy to plod along doing what you’ve always done. But if you want to take your business to the next level, doing the same old thing will not get you there. 


Try Something New In 2017

Here are 4 marketing ideas you may not have considered yet!

1. Scent Marketing

The scent of your premises can affect how long customers spend in your premises, their perception of your business and how much they spend with your business.Check out this website for more info, and get in touch if you want to finance a system.

2. SAPNAP Sell A Payment Not A Price

Stop discounting and close the deal faster by offering your customers a payment plan. Check out this video for more info and get in touch if you're keen to explore offering finance to your customers.

3. Be A Guerrilla. Look around you

There may be cost effective ways of promoting your brand by using cleverly placed and creatively designed merchandise, signage, vehicle wraps or advertising. Check out our Pinterest boards for inspiration. Whilst some of the ideas are beyond the budgets of SMEs, there are some that might just spark an concept that can be executed.

4. Buddy Promotions

Partner with non-competing, complementary businesses on marketing campaigns to share costs and increase reach (get in touch with us if you’re keen to buddy with us!)

Do you have other marketing ideas that you want to share with other like-minded businesses? Send them to us and we’ll include it in our next e-news. Here’s to a powerhouse 2017! If you need finance solutions to bring your business ideas to life, give the team at Classic a call on 1300 780 895.