3 ways integrated finance solutions can help your business

Integrated finance offers support to firms that are struggling to access capital from traditional sources. But what are these solutions and how can they help?

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Businesses are ending this financial year broadly positive about their futures, and this optimism has prompted many to consider increasing capital expenditure. 

The latest Illion research shows investment intentions have risen in four consecutive quarters and are currently double the level seen at this time last year. However, not everything is positive, actual sales are down 26 per cent and profit expectations have stalled.

Whichever your business outlook, integrated finance - a combination of different business finance solutions - can provide crucial support.


1. Essential funding during tight lending conditions

Organisations may be confident and looking to invest in their business, but credit conditions could be about to take a turn for the worse. The ongoing royal commission into the banking industry is likely to have wider ramifications for the country's economy.

"We may see a tightening in the availability of credit for both business and consumers as financial institutions reassess their lending processes," said Ilion CEO, Simon Bligh.

Integrated finance is designed to offer financial support to organisations that are locked out of traditional lending, meaning a growing number of business owners may soon turn to these solutions for their borrowing needs.


2. Maximises credit flexibility

Do you need working capital to expand your company but also require new equipment? Perhaps you're hoping to acquire another business and would like to use its assets to help fund the purchase? Or maybe you operate in a capital-intensive industry and already find it tough to get approved for credit?

Integrated finance could provide an all-in-one solution to these challenges, even when you have an imperfect credit history. You can also benefit from quick turnaround times to ensure continuity of funding if your current lender suddenly restricts your borrowing.


3. Enables the restructuring of debts

Not all businesses require finance to fund growth. Unfortunately, more than 1,000 organisations went bankrupt in the three months to March 2018, according to the Australian Financial Security Authority.

Integrated finance solution can offer a funding package that allows you to completely restructure your debts when you are failing to meet agreed terms with institutional lenders.

This can include repayment plans for ATO tax arrears that you may have accumulated heading into the new financial year. You can also use integrated solutions for top-up finance during times of poor cash flow.


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