100 years of aviation and turning old machines into gold

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In November 1919, 100 years ago, Qantas (known then as Queensland and Northern Territory Airline Services) launched its first commercial flight in Australia, setting off a century of innovation in aviation. Indeed, aviation has come a long way since its beginnings, as planes were built to fly further and faster, linking Australians to one another across the country and the globe.

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From medical professionals with clients across the country to those who operate along the supply chain, businesses have taken note of the benefits of air travel. It's become even more clear that, unlike other vehicles, airplanes can be used for several decades after they were first constructed.
Take, for example, Surgical Solutions, a medical and surgical device company that financed an aircraft to transport and ship equipment around Australia. Rather than purchasing a new, pricier aircraft, the business used equipment financing options to purchase a 1974 Piper Chieftain.
The company was able to safely buy an older aircraft after discussing with the seller and relying on a valuers report to ensure the aircraft was up to date with safety measures, learning the aircraft had recently been equipped with a new engine.

Turning aviation into gold

Buying or leasing pre-owned aircrafts gives businesses the freedom to incorporate planes into their business while also providing the option for sale and leaseback, creating cash flow to finance other business expenses.
Aircrafts can turn small businesses into large ones or can give companies the opportunity to provide goods and services quickly, on their own schedules. In a business world that's more competitive than ever, speed of service may be the difference between gaining and losing clients, as well as the difference between a profitable year and a lean one.
Once a business has fully paid off their plane, they'll have the option to lease their plane back, or even sell it. During this process, plane owners can recoup expenses and free up their budgets to invest in other areas of business or even buy or lease larger planes as their business thrives.

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