Integrated Finance

Classic Funding Group is the only independent Australian finance company which can truly deliver the benefits of broad asset-based lending. Our integrated funding approach means that we are able to offer a solution for most scenarios. This means that the assets that are often declined by traditional finance companies may now be funded, making this a very competitive offering for your business.

With the ability to seamlessly combine Equipment Finance and Debtor Finance, Classic Funding Group’s Integrated Finance solution can deliver the following benefits: 

  • More Capital - Using an integrated funding approach means that we are able to offer unique financing solutions that normally could not be financed under a traditional approach.
  • Security and documentation – Simplified security documentation, cross-collateralised through a single Deed.
  • Unilateral Credit Approval – single internal credit process for both equipment finance and debtor finance.
  • Improved Debt Serviceability – where servicing of Term Debt is challenging, the combination of term debt and revolving flexible credit can provide the ideal capital structure.
  • Credit Flexibility and Pricing – our efficient funding structure enables competitive pricing and more flexible credit decisions.
  • Pre-Approved Equipment Finance – Minimum $50,000 pre-approved equipment finance facility with each debtor finance facility. 

Integrated finance can provide benefits in a number of different scenarios including:

  • Management buy-out –Integrated finance can provide the capital to buy a business, using its assets to provide the funding required.
  • Acquisition –Integrated finance can raise funding against the assets of the acquiring business and the target business, providing both a significant contribution towards the funding required as well as providing the working capital requirement for the combined business.
  • Capital intensive businesses – for example, equipment hire businesses can find it difficult to raise enough finance and working capital. Classic is able to provide an effective solution for this scenario combining debtor finance and equipment finance.
  • Top up finance – Integrated finance includes sale and lease back of existing equipment, providing the flexibility of an additional term facility.
  • Debt Restructuring – Where institutional covenants are not being met, we aim to provide a funding package to enable complete debt restructuring.
  • Working Capital – provision of working capital and term debt for both growing and stressed businesses.


For more information on Integrated Finance you can contact Classic Funding Group on 1300 780 895.

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