What we finance

New assets

You may have a variety of needs to increase the new assets for your business.

We can help you fund most items which have a barcode and aren’t your standard stock.

The majority of our lending is for items up to $1,500,000 but we are happy to discuss larger amounts with you.

Examples of common new assets include:

  • Aircraft
  • Construction, Clean energy batteries, solar and wind installation
  • Education and training equipment
  • IT hardware
  • Manufacturing machinery and transport
  • Medical equipment for Dentists, Doctors and Vets
  • Mining equipment and vehicles
  • Tradies tools
  • Wholesaling and goods materials
  • Warehousing and storage


Existing equipment

Raise capital from existing business equipment

If you have unencumbered assets on your balance sheet, you can sell them to us and finance them back over a term that suits your cash flow.

You can choose to lease the equipment back on a rental agreement, removing the asset from your balance sheet, or you can take out a secured loan against the equipment and retain ownership.

A sale and lease-back facility may be suitable if you need to:

  • access additional funds for business growth
  • replace existing finance facilities
  • repay shareholder loans
  • develop new areas of business
  • raise a deposit to purchase property
  • repay ATO debt

* We do not provide financial advice and strongly recommend you obtain your own financial advice on the tax and accounting treatment of any finance solution you choose.

Second hand assets

Machinery breakdown, new contracts, rapid expansion, environmental worries…these and many more reasons may mean you need equipment quickly and for a low cost. The advantages of acquiring second hand is that it provides business owners with more choice. Second hand equipment can often be overlooked by major lenders but Classic Funding Group is happy to lend to you to help you acquire or rent these assets.

Repay ATO debt

At one point or another, otherwise healthy, thriving businesses find themselves with an ATO debt due to unforeseen circumstances, such as a natural disaster affecting business operations, a major client going out of business or management buy-outs temporarily depleting cash flow.

Even if ATO payment plan obligations are being met, these businesses are often prevented from obtaining further lines of credit. This often limits access to funds and puts pressure on business cash flow and inhibits growth.

In these situations, our experienced team take the time to understand the circumstances to propose a finance solution that assists the business to payout their ATO debt and remove this impediment in seeking further lines of credit.

Print and photocopier equipment

Classic Funding Group provides multiple Managed Access Print Solutions (MAPS) through approved vendor partners.

Our suite of tailored managed print products finances:

  • Hardware print equipment
  • Multi function devices

Recurring charges on items such as ink, toner and paper together with service and maintenance can be collected with the finance payments so there is only one simple, monthly payment.

Our cost-per-copy model provides a simple solution to a complex problem of helping manage print costs whilst ensuring flexibility for your customers.

By offering a finance solution to your customers, you will help remove the price barrier to sales and drive repeat business.