Debtor Finance (Invoice Discounting)

What is Debtor Finance

Debtor finance, also known as Invoice Discounting or Cash Flow finance, allows you to unlock a large part of your outstanding or unpaid invoices so you can continue to fund and grow your own operations without waiting to be paid by your customers. It provides a smart solution to help your business improve its trading cash flow in order to:

Turn invoices into immediate cash

Access additional funds to enable growth

Grow working capital in line with sales

Reduce creditor pressure or gain settlement discounts by paying suppliers more quickly

Replace existing restrictive finance arrangements

Reduce reliance on a single finance provider

Assists expansion of small-to-medium enterprise (SME)

Develop a new area of the business

Support the acquisition of a competitor or another business

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How it works

Debtor finance works by releasing up to 85% of the working capital tied up in your existing invoices as well as new invoices when they are raised. You continue to invoice your customers as normal and upload your sales ledger to our online platform. We then provide an advance payment to your business, based on the value of the invoices uploaded, for you to use as and when you need. When your customers pay, the advance is repaid and the remaining 15% of the invoice is passed onto you, less our fees. Our debtor finance facility operates on a revolving basis so it will grow with your sales.

See how much you can raise and improve your cashflow using our simple Debtor Finance calculator tool*

* This calculator is indicative only. It is not an offer of finance. Terms, conditions, credit and approval criteria will apply.

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Benefits of using Debtor Finance

Greater access to funds
Access up to 85% of your invoices within 24 hrs. Your funding limit increases as your sales grow.

Your trade partners do not know your finance arrangements. You retain control over your accounts and customer relationships.

No real estate security
Directors can release their personal property security.

No month-end reconciliations or reporting
Save time and sanity with our simple online portal.

Integrate your debtor finance facility with equipment finance and Trade finance for additional access to funds.

Offers solutions to SME and Large Enterprises

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Check out this short video of John Anderson, our Queensland State Sales Manager, speaking about our confidential debtor finance solution.