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We’re quick, competitive and accessible making it easy to get finance to fund your business

Fast approvals
We control the credit decisions so we can deliver quick approval on your application if all credit criteria are met. Our secure online documentation platform means that we can have documents to you ready for your digital signature no matter where you are.

Our competitive pricing combined with our ability to tailor a solution delivers value across all of our products.

Online solutions
Convenience is essential and our innovative operating platform makes life easy for our Debtor finance customers to upload a ledger to quickly and easily access finance. For other solutions we provide customers with an automated online approval, vendor quote tools and other resources to help your business grow.

Decision making
Our in-house decision makers are always available to assess and evaluate every opportunity to help structure a smart solution for you.

Equipment Finance

Improve productivity and stay ahead of competitors without the need for large capital expenditure, by financing your next equipment or technology upgrade.

Vehicle Finance

Vehicle Finance is designed for all types of business transport. This includes cars used for business purposes, vans, trucks and more specialist vehicles such as earth moving equipment or agricultural machinery.

Vendor Finance

Offer your customers a payment option to boost sales

Debtor Finance (Invoice Discounting)

Debtor finance, also known as Invoice Discounting or Cash Flow finance, allows you to unlock a large part of your outstanding or unpaid invoices so you can continue to fund...

Integrated Finance

With the ability to seamlessly combine Equipment Finance and Debtor Finance, Classic Funding Group’s Integrated Finance solution can help your business.

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