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Can I apply for Clean Energy residential finance, as a homeowner directly?

Our finance model is designed for distribution through Solar vendors.They can help you with expert advice about your requirements and a recommended solution. If you need help finding one of our Approved Vendor Partners please call us on 1300 780 895.
Once you have decided on the clean energy system, you can submit an application for finance through our online application form here. The Homeowner will receive the documentation. If the funding is approved the installation can then be scheduled.

Government Rebates

What are Government rebates for clean energy systems?

Government solar power rebates are still available for both Solar PV and Solar Hot Water.
Typically solar power systems attract Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STC's) under the Federal Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000.
Classic Funding Group do not directly provide you with a rebate. These are built into the purchase price of the system and are included in the price you receive when you get a quote from one of our Approved Vendor Partners.

Feed in Tariff

What are feed-in tariffs?

If an eligible solar system generates more power than the home uses, the surplus power is fed back into the electricity grid.

A feed-in tariff will reimburse households for surplus electricity that is generated by the solar system and fed back into the electricity. Availability of feed-in tariffs vary from state to state. For more information see the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator website.


House sale

What happens if you want to sell your house or exit the agreement?

We understand that circumstances may change. That’s why customers have two easy options:

1) Request a payout figure from Classic Clean Energy Finance Customer Care Team on 1300 780 895 and exit the plan, or
2) If the home is to be sold, ask us about assigning the finance agreement to the new homeowner (Assignment is subject to credit eligibility criteria and needs to be approved by Classic Clean Energy Finance).

All Residential Clean Energy Finance agreement payout figures are based only on the remaining principal balance, not future interest (Early termination fees may also be payable).


What happens at the end of the agreement?

No further payments to Classic Clean Energy Finance are required. No balloon payments, no residual amounts, no catches. All the benefits of the system are free, for its remaining life.
At the end of the finance agreement when the system has been paid in full, households will be generating free electricity or using less electricity from the grid for the remaining life of the system.

Energy Provider

Is Classic Funding Group going to be my energy provider once I have my solar panels installed?

Classic Funding Group are helping you fund your PV panels. Your electricity provider remains the same as your current energy provider. Your electricity bills should reduce as your solar panels provide power to you.