Rental option helps safety equipment company

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More unusual equipment isn't always funded by the banks even for well established successful companies

safety equipment

Expand with a new major global contract

A well-established Western Australian company that supplies and maintains a wide variety of rigging equipment and safety testing to engineering, construction and transport industries, recently needed to quickly acquire a wide range of new safety equipment. This was to fulfil their newly won contract by offering rental of this equipment for 6 months. The company had various loans with major banks but safety equipment can be tricky to fund.

Classic Funding Group Solution

  • Unlike major lenders, Classic was happy to lend on these more unusual assets
  • An Equipment Finance facility was used to purchase over $100,000 of new safety rigging and gear from a wide range of suppliers
  • The finance was set up over 24 months to run beyond the new contract
  • This meant that the growth could be comfortably funded and enable further new contracts to be sought

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