Nurturing our environment

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Help was at hand for this Victoria based company looking for a new hothouse.

Eco Hothouse equipment finance

Whether we live in an urban or rural environment, threats to the balance of our ecosystems can come in many forms. As well as climate change so often in the news, there are building and major industrial changes always happening.

The city of Melbourne has become the first Australian capital powered by 100% renewable energy. Melbourne has also pioneered the use of community gardens even within the CBD providing fresh herbs, vegetables and more - much to gardeners and wildlife delight.

One other area that is making a difference is the amount of high rise blocks using balconies and roof top spaces to add greenery. 

Our client has been involved in both environmental projects around Melbourne and the supply of plants into urban spaces. Supplying the demand can be improved by the use of hothouses which both protects plants and speeds up the growing cycle.

A local eco-company wanted to put up a new hothouse and to do this needed a quick finance solution to ease their cash flow. They approached their local broker, Henry Arundel of Corporate Finance (Aust) Pty Ltd who was able to help them find a lender.

The Classic Funding Group Solution

A $50k Equipment loan for a Tunnel System, repayable over 3 years.

This straightforward asset finance solution is now up and running helping keep our environments healthy for all.

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