Improving business efficiency with an aircraft purchase

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How aviation financing enabled Surgical Solutions to save time. 

Surgical Solutions Aircraft Piper Chieftain 1974

Surgical Solutions is an Australian owned business, supplying medical and surgical devices to surgeons, operating theatres, hospitals and industry partners. Craig Wilton, Director of Surgical Solutions, needed to increase his operating efficiency by freeing up more time as he travels between his customer’s different locations.

A 1974 Piper Chieftain aircraft was found in Tasmania and looked like the right solution. Classic Funding Group was approached to finance the purchase of this old asset in this specialist area.

Classic Funding Group Solution

  • The age of the aircraft was negated with a valuers report and a discussion with the seller, who indicated a new engine had recently been fitted into the aircraft, along with other improvements
  • A major service was conducted recently and the next major service was at least 12 months away
  • The Civil Aviation Safety Authority, CASA, had started the process of registering the aircraft with Surgical Solutions
  • In compliance of the Cape Town Treaty Classic Funding Group worked alongside Craig to register the aircraft with the International Registry of Mobile Assets

The loan application was approved by the Classic Funding Group’s credit team within 48 hours. Then it was a matter of waiting on CASA and the International Registry of Mobile Assets to complete their internal registration processes.

Once all of the registration processes were completed, that same day the funds were dispersed to the relevant parties and now Surgical Solutions can fly to their multiple appointments all across the state saving Craig valuable time.

If you need to purchase aviation or other assets to help grow your business, call Classic Funding Group on 1300 780 895 and let us help you fund it.

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