Helping to get the harvesting done

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Our farmers depend on farm hands to make sure that each precious crop is harvested at the perfect time. With most farms away from populated areas, many will turn to reliable labour hire firms to help them find the best workforce. For those labour hire firms attracting good candidates means a strong emphasis on compliance and good business practices. Workers are usually paid weekly so this can put a strain on cashflow. 

Farming Finance

At busy periods this labour hire client can have over 50 debtors on their books, this can mean they need short term funding. So when it's peak harvest time how do you keep on top of the cashflow?

Our QLD-based client decided to look for a solution and contacted Cashflow Finance to see how Debtor Finance might help.

The size of business meant that Confidential Invoice Discounting facility could be put in place releasing up to 90% of the value of their unpaid invoices. With a flexible fast draw down system that enables funding to be provided at short notice, Cashflow Finance was a great fit.

The facility is now up and running in time for this year's busy farming period.

This sector works so hard it's good to know that we're contributing to its successful future.

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