Finance for Civil Earthmoving business | Case Study

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What can you do when you secure a new contract but don’t have the equipment or cashflow to service it?

Read how we we’re able to help a WA based civil construction firm in this scenario.


Background and situation

Our client is a WA based Civil Earthmoving business. The business specialises in Bulk Haulage and Civil and contracting works.

In order to service a new contract they required additional trailers. They knew that paying the total amount upfront could put strain on their cashflow so to capitalise on this opportunity, the business owner came to us to see what options were available.

Our Solution

By working with our team, they were able to get the full $257k they needed to secure their essential equipment, using a non-property security backed loan.

Our finance gave them certainty about their set monthly payments for the next 60 months and made their purchase cost effective.

Our Range of Finance Options

We are a leading specialist in Equipment Finance and can finance various types of equipment.

Check out our Equipment Finance Page or enquire now.