Essential IT Equipment Finance for a Dental Practice

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Help was at hand when a dental practice was looking to purchase essential IT and Technical equipment for their new office. All equipment financed quickly and without hassles.

Dentist operating computer

The Situtation

A successful dental company required a range of Technical and IT Equipment including computers, printer, telephones, routers, adapters, servers, processors, docking stations and monitors.

They were looking to purchase these due to relocation to a new office. Besides, they also wanted to replace a couple of old computers which were operating on a Windows 7 and server 2012 that were no longer supported.  

With a range of devices and accessories needed, they knew that the paying the total amount upfront could have put strain on their cashflow. So, they approached us for finance.

Classic Funding Group Finance Solution

By working with our team, they were able to get the full $57k they needed to secure their essential equipment, using a no deposit, no-property security backed loan.

Our finance gave them certainty about their set monthly payments for the next 48 months and made their purchase cost affordable.

Customer outcome

This deal gives them peace of mind that they will have cashflow to spend elsewhere which they would not have if they bought the equipment upfront.

Furthermore, they could also claim tax benefit as the monthly repayments on equipment loan may be covered under operating costs, which are tax deductible.

Armed with these new pieces of IT and technical equipment with all the latest bells and whistles, they can now handle their daily operations with ease.

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