Energy efficient lighting - financing a sustainable business

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Business across Australia can reduce their electricity bills by "going green".  Not only can solar panels be installed, improving the lighting increases energy savings and preserves your capital for other projects.

For solar vendors and contractors, offering a bundled technology package for one simple monthly payment can dramatically increase the payback speed and net position.

Commercial clean energy

Classic Funding Group offer bundled technology upgrades for commercial premises – a single monthly payment solution for a solar and lighting project can really drive home dramatic savings.*  


Solar Only 
Amount Financed $22,495
Term 60 Months
Monthly Payment $504.10
Monthly Savings $591.67
5 Year Net Position
Solar + Lighting Solution 
Amount Financed $42,630
Term 60 Months
Monthly Payment $928.28
Monthly Savings $1,159.67
5 Year Net Position


Look at the difference between stand-alone solar and a recently completed project for solar and lighting.

The 5 year net position is the total cost savings from upgrading minus the amount repaid.

* Savings and repayments are indicative only. Savings are not guaranteed and depend on the size and cost of the system, its location and the customer's individual circumstances. Your commercial customers' energy savings could be even greater than the monthly payment. Solar only: 20Kw system,4 sunlight hours, 60% consumption and ordinary electricity purchase price of 29 cents/Kwh. Lighting: $20,135 invested in a range of LED equipment


The key benefits of financing through Classic Funding Group are:

-          $0 deposit

-          Express approvals with no financials for eligible customers

-          Relevant tax benefits

-          Loan is secured against the equipment,  not  real estate property

-          Preserve existing business credit lines 


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