Courier services business in VIC gets cashflow help

Published Credits: Kush Wadhawan

When a courier services firm approached us they had multiple subsidiaries that were operating at a loss and were under immense pressure to stay afloat. Here's how we’re able to help them improve their cashflow and keep afloat.

Company Background

The VIC based business offers courier services to other businesses.

The situation

When this firm approached us they had multiple subsidiaries that were operating at a loss.

Sometimes when businesses hit a rough patch, they need to restructure. The business was looking to optimise use of PP&E by consolidating all entities into one from which to operate as this would help bring it back to profitability. So, they liquidated the three entities and started a new company. 

Our solution

As the business offers trade terms for courier services to other businesses, they had their cashflow tied in their unpaid invoices. 

Our Invoice finance facility advanced for unpaid invoices that enabled their new business to improve their cashflow, repay their debts and keep afloat.

Now our finance facility will grow in line to the value of their outstanding invoices and will work as a flexible solution to regulate their cashflow.


How can we help your business?

If outstanding invoices can help turn your businesses around then you may want to consider invoice financing. It’s a type of business loan that comes with reduced risk and no property security requirements. Learn more about Invoice finance or contact us directly to enquire.