AV Equipment Financing

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Help was at hand when a VIC based AV Company was looking to purchase 2 projectors.

AV Equipment Financing

Recently, a VIC based AV company needed to get 2 projectors.

Whether in corporate events or private functions, with these projectors they wanted to ensure that the viewing experience for their clients is exceptional. 

However, these projectors were expensive ($55k) and purchasing them upfront could have put strain on their cashflow. So, they were looking to get them on finance.

Once the company had chosen their new projectors, they approached us for finance and we were quick to approve the funding. 

Classic Funding Group Finance solution

Our finance gave them certainty about their set monthly payments and made getting their projection equipment cost affordable. Whilst now they are certain about their monthly payments, managing the cashflow will be better and easier.

Our finance will also give them peace of mind that they will have cashflow to spend elsewhere which they would not have if they bought the projectors upfront.

The projectors

The projectors are now in place making sure that viewing experience for their clients is high quality and second to none.

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