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Finance Solutions for Recruitment & On-Hire


As an expert in your field, you win business based on your knowledge, skill and credentials. However, apart from ensuring prospective clients form a good impression of your business and delivering on your promise, you need to also manage your cashflow.

Whilst you may provide a quality service to place employees into suitable positions, your invoices often are not paid until well after you've had to pay the staff for their work. Recruitment agencies commonly overcome this cash flow gap with Debtor Finance.



Debtor Finance

Improve your cashflow and avoid taking on more debt by using the equity in your unpaid invoices to access funds. Control and monitor your available funds through an online platform 24/7.

  • Confidential facility
  • Free unlimited drawdowns and uploads
  • Low maintenance, without monthly reconciliations


Equipment Finance 

Whether you need to refurbish your office space, acquire new vehicles to reflect your brand or acquire equipment essential to win over the next client, speak with our team to discuss finance options.

  • Up to $75K no financials  (subject to credit criteria, terms and conditions)
  • Up to $1.5M with financials
  • No Deposit
  • No Real Estate Security


Clean Energy Finance

Reduce operating costs with energy efficient solutions such as Solar PV panels, LED lighting or efficient HVAC systems without upfront capital expenditure.

Terms up to 7 years available with no deposit and no financials up to $75K for eligible applicants.


Speak with our business finance team to structure a finance solution that enables you to grow your business.


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